Ainsleigh Amo

"beautiful girl you can do hard things"


6 days after Ainsleigh was born she was at her first dirt track race. Since then she has been at numerous tracks cheering on her dad and brother. When she was 8 she decided she wanted to race and she had to get into a car because it wasn't fair her brother got one. This was a very big step in her life as she was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder, and also dyslexia.  Her first year (2018) was just getting her comfortable and keeping everything in check. 2019 brought another huge stride as she moved up in classes  and scored not only her first podium finish but also added multiple top 5 finishes. 2020 had its issues as most of the season was taken away from her due to covid but once things got under way Ainsleigh picked up right where she left off in 2019 finishing in several top 5s  and handful of top 3s . 2021 will be another challenging year as once again she is moving up a class in her USAC quarter midget and will now be racing with not just the older boys but also her brother. Ainsleigh wants to follow in her father's shoes racing either DIRT Modifieds or Late Models, she also wants the opportunity to race at the famous Oswego Speedway in Oswego New York.

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