Why Golf is Becoming the New Female-Dominated Sport?

Why Golf is Becoming the New Female-Dominated Sport?

It’s no secret that recently there has been a push for diversity not only motorsports — but all sports. And golf is no exception.  sport and more. In fact, 40 percent of new golfers who played during the pandemic were female, according to the National Golf Foundation.

Not to mention the network of junior female golfers aged 11 to 18 increased from 15 percent in 2000 to over 30 percent today.

So, what is contributing to this rise of females playing golf? Once banned from playing at several golf courses, women are now forming a trailblazing path from one hole to another.

As GFG takes a closer look at what’s excelling female golfers — the brand continually supports the game of golf, women, and the community.

Why Golf is Attracting More Females?

Females across the globe are getting increased chances to play golf — with female college golf scholarships being one of the fastest growing areas of awards in the past year.

And not by surprise, there was a key golf surge that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, as millions of women played golf in 2020 — to the magnitude that nearly 25 percent of golfers in 2020 were women.

Furthermore, golf brands, driving ranges, and major golf courses are also looking to expand their appeal and experts concur that the biggest growth potential for golf is enticing more women into the sport.

Women’s Golf in 2021

Golf is taking its own course through a breakthrough — a golf resurgence.  And the fastest growing segment of the game right now is women.

David Maher, President and CEO of Acushnet, the parent company of Titleist, recently stated in his recent summary of the company’s full-year earnings has reached extraordinary gains.

“We are still in a massive transition,” Maher stated. “2020 was a massive transition year, 2021 will be a massive transition year. When the dust settles, hopefully sooner versus later, the way I tend to look at it is, what's the world going to look like, 2022 versus 2019? I think the golf landscape is going to have more energy, more momentum, more golfers.”

The investment into the game and better opportunities for female players to emerge are yet to be seen — but the momentum is in the right direction.


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