What has Fueled the Female Skateboarding Surge in 2021?

What has Fueled the Female Skateboarding Surge in 2021?

Due to the pandemic, brands have scrambling to meet a monstrous appetite for skateboards and accessories. According to Action Watch, sales of skateboarding equipment in the U.S. increased 118 percent before last July alone — compared to 2019.

The pandemic has led individuals — young and old alike — to rediscover the outdoors. And social media is bringing larger appeal and representation to the sport of skateboarding.

This year has brought on the strongest demand the global skateboarding industry has ever seen. Female skateboarders have been essential to the growth of skateboarding as a sport.

Not only is the skate culture becoming more inclusive — girls and women all over are pushing the sport forward at the highest level.

The Rise of the Skater Girl

Did you know that over 80 million individuals love spending time riding a grand piece of wood with 4 wheels attached to it? Did you know that girls are a prime reason skateboarding has seen a stunning resurgence?

Since the 1950s and the invention of the first board by Californian surfers, the sport has never stopped expanding. The 2010s along with the appearance of social media were a complete game-changer for the rise of skateboarding.

And now in 2021, there are more female skateboarders now than there has been in the history of the sport. According to Ellis, the number of female skateboarders has grown by 24 percent over the past 12 months, to about 112,000.

From halfpipes in skateparks to the grinds and ollies on the streets, female skateboarding involves speed and tricks — and embodies the rise of skater girls around the world. 

Olympic Skateboarding 2021

Skateboarding will be an Olympic Sport in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. And with the spotlight on female skateboarding, even more recognition and esteem will add to the overall skateboarding population.

This is a promising and exciting time for the sport and this momentous occasion of the Tokyo Olympics. So, who are the skateboarders you should watch? When will competitions take place, and where will it be held?

Check out the complete guide to Olympic Skateboarding at Tokyo 2021.



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