USA BMX Foundation Launches Mentorship for Underserved Youth

USA BMX Foundation Launches Mentorship for Underserved Youth

Partnering with the Terence Crutcher Foundation, the RISE program will choose three participants to compete in the Grand National Championship — and provides lifelong coaching by BMX. The RISE program will provide participants a pathway to becoming a future National, World, or Olympic Champion.

Officials from USA BMX Foundation and the Terence Crutcher Foundation, in conjunction with Juneteenth, launched RISE, an innovative mentoring program targeting underserved youth in North Tulsa. RISE stands for Resiliency, Inclusion, Social-Awareness, and Education.

“USA BMX is committed to elevating youth from the Greenwood and North Tulsa community,” stated Shane Fernandez, President of USA BMX and Chairman of the USA BMX Foundation. “Designed to align youth in underserved communities with powerful influencers from around the world, RISE will open doors to new perspectives for its participants through BMX and storytelling. We will provide a guided six-month tour of education and self-reflection kicking off with a bike tour of the historical Greenwood District.”

The USA BMX Foundation has been working with the Terence Crutcher Foundation for several months on this collaboration to identify 20 youth, ages 9-14, to participate in the program.

"The Terence Crutcher Foundation is excited to partner with the BMX Foundation to launch RISE at the new BMX headquarters in the Historic Greenwood District," stated Crutcher. "This program allows for BMX to pour into the future of North Tulsa. RISE is a unique opportunity for North Tulsa youth to experience their community through sport, STEAM education, and mentorship. We are proud of this exciting, innovative partnership and look forward to seeing our youth engage in this transformative initiative."

“Our USA BMX coaching staff has a goal of identifying three riders in each class that portray the desire to continue their journey in BMX Racking or Freestyle,” stated Fernandez. “USA BMX will award these youth a lifetime membership to USA BMX, unlimited coaching at the National Headquarters (riding, nutrition, fitness), and a personal bike and full racing kit. These three riders will enter the Grand National Championship during Thanksgiving week and represent Team Terence Crutcher on a global stage.”

The sponsor of RISE is Hyper Bicycles, who will provide the bikes for all the participants.
The community supporter is Tulsa-based Schusterman Foundation. Other sponsors and supporters
include Fox Racing, Up with Trees, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Oklahoma Center for Community
Justice, USA Cycling, and Danny Boy O’Connor.

RISE will launch annually on Juneteenth and include three hours of engagement per session over six
months. Sessions will be held after school and include snacks, a bike, and a helmet.


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