The Best Jeep Racing Lift Kits

The Best Jeep Racing Lift Kits

Increasing your Jeep’s performance with a lift kit has been on your to-do list all year, but how do you know what jeep lift kit to purchase — and what are the benefits?

GFG is here to guide you on what can be done to improve a Jeep’s off-road performance, exceed standard height for greater articulation, indulge in superior ground clearance, and navigate extreme terrain, including climbing or straddling large obstacles.

Lift kits significantly increase the vehicle’s clearance, giving you more room to drive over obstacles, including rocks and water, and it upgrades the overall appearance of your bad-boy, rugged Jeep.

Speaking of the rock-sliding, beast Jeeps, check out GFG Jeep Ambassadors — Hannah Corman and Tara Reitz.

Now, let’s dive into the type of Jeep lift kits on the market today that will dramatically improve off-road prowess — and help you overcome nearly every obstacle in the way.

Types of Jeep Lift Kits 

Body Lift consists of parts that you fit between the cab of the Jeep and the frame. Body lift consists of rubber or polyurethane spacers stacked between the body and the frame at all the body-mount locations. Body lifts are offered in different height ranges — ranging from 1-3 inches. There are several reasons to use a Jeep body lift — including being less expensive than a suspension lift kit, easier to install, and require fewer modifications to the Jeep.

Does the front of the Jeep sit lower than the rear? A quality Leveling Kit can fix this by lifting only the front end of the Jeep to match the height of the rear of the vehicle. Leveling kits, also known as Budget Boosts, provides a small increase in your Jeep's suspension height — and allows slightly larger wheels and tires. Leveling kits are a cheaper alternative to lift kits. If you are only seeking marginally larger wheels and tires and won’t be going off-road, a leveling kit may be the best option for you.

Suspension Lifts are a high-performance lift upgrade that fits your Jeep with new shocks, coils, frame components, sway bars, and even steering parts. A suspension lift gives you more suspension articulation, additional ground clearance and the prospects for even larger tires. If you want to go off-road, a suspension lift kit could be the best lift for you.

The Jeep of Your Fantasies

According to The Drive, the best overall lift kit of 2020 to rock your Jeep fantasies is from MotoFab. And the winner is … drum roll ...

(The Drive reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include.)

MotoFab 3" Front 3" Rear Full Lift Kit

This bolt-on kit offers the most clearance out of all reviewed kits and is built to fit several types of Jeep Wranglers. Kit includes:

  • 2x Front Coil Spacer
  • 2x Rear Coil Spacers
  • 2x Front Shock Extenders
  • 2x Rear Shock Extenders
  • Front and Rear Brake line brackets
  • All Needed Hardware

This kit is CNC machined out of high-grade steel and powder coated black to avoid corrosion. The quality of this kit cannot even be compared to imported parts. This kit is the toughest on the market — backed by a 100 percent MotoFab satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

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