SnoCross Takes Center Stage with Big-Air Jumps

SnoCross Takes Center Stage with Big-Air Jumps

What do you get when you cross snow and a specialized, high-performance snowmobile? The exciting big-air motocross racing winter phenomenon of Snocross.

Snowmobile racing is about being on the cutting edge of technology. It’s modified racing at its best — and pushing the limits to appeal to fans.

The radical race to the finish line is one that is exhilarating and fast paced for snowmobile racers. And, it is one that requires a culmination of science, calculations, and advanced technology. It’s a racing environment where every rider is racing against the best in the world every single weekend.

Fly high above the finish line with Go Fast Girls (GFG). Get stoked. Let’s go behind the scenes and learn more about the demanding Snocross.

What is Snocross?

High-octane snocross is the most electrifying, fan-friendly form of snowmobile racing. Big-air jumps. Exciting action. The crisp, cold air. World-class riders.  

The action takes place during a time of year where it’s the premier race event of the season — on the most challenging, professionally constructed and graded tracks.

Snocross, the action-packed sport like Motocross features snowmobiles instead of motorcycles, and snow instead of dirt.

Female Snocross Riders

With a few thousand frozen fans cheering, snowmobiles hurtled several 100-foot jumps and performed aerial stunts on a snowy course. What did they have in common? Female snocross riders.

Yes, the baddest chicks on sleds. Snocross takes serious investment. It’s tough on the body, the mind, and demands determination. Plentiful terrain, untracked powder — and your choice of any line.

Female snowmobile racers open up a new world of possibilities.

While women are definitely the minority in the sport — the sport is growing at a face pace. Be a part of the action. More females today are getting into the sport and stepping it up! Girls are ripping these days! Go fast. Go Fast Girls.


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