Olympic BMX Gold Medalist Bethany Shriever Wins Sunday Times Young Sportswoman of the Year

Olympic BMX Gold Medalist Bethany Shriever Wins Sunday Times Young Sportswoman of the Year

Olympic BMX gold medalist Bethany Shriever has won the Sunday Times Young Sportswoman of the Year — the ultimate accolade for your favorite sportswoman of this year.

The 22-year-old grabbed the headlines during the Tokyo Olympics 2020 when she won gold for Team GB, after going undefeated in her three semi runs before crossing the line just 0.090 seconds ahead of Colombia’s Pajon to be crowned champion.

Shriever and her teammate Kye Whyte are Britain’s first BMX medalists. Shriever went on to become World Champion — the first woman in history to hold both titles at the same time. "To have this [medal] and to be able to share it with my family, it's absolutely amazing," Shriever told BBC Sport after her return from Tokyo. "I've dreamt about that moment for so long and to actually have it and it's mine is unbelievable.

Who is Bethany Shriever?

Bethany Shriever is 22 years old and from Leytonstone — who began BMX at the age of nine at her local club in Braintree. She became the Junior World Champion in 2017.

Great Britain’s super-star denied her idol Mariana Pajon her third BMX title at the Olympics and won the world title just three weeks later.

Shriever worked as a part-time teaching assistant as she trained for the Olympics. "It's taught me a lot about talking to younger generations and I want to be a role model, particularly for the young girls so they can see what's achievable in sport."

BMX Racing for Gold

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racing is clean, exciting fun that whole families can get involved in — whether it be as a racer, spectator, pit crew or track volunteer.

Riders race on dirt tracks with rollers, jumps, and turns to challenge their skills. Riders wear full face helmets, with goggles and gloves. They wear long sleeve shirt and durable pants with pads underneath in case they crash.

The Tokyo 2020 Games showcased the evolution of the Olympic — introducing new events that strengthened the timeless appeal of the Olympic Games for a new generation. Tokyo 2020's 339 events in 33 sports — the most in Olympic history witnessed sports such as skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and karate, as well as events for BMX freestyle.


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