Nail-biting Sport of Roller Derby Guided by Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Nail-biting Sport of Roller Derby Guided by Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Roller derby is taking the sports world by storm as it has become one of the most quickly growing sports. As skaters work aggressively to lap those in front of them, occasional collisions and crashes have become the most exciting part.

With over 1,500 leagues in over 40 countries, the full-contact sport of roller derby is taking the sports world by storm.

The game is played on an oval track to earn points by passing the opposing team’s blockers and skating laps around the track. And yes, it may hurt if you hit the deck in a hotly contested stint as derby jammers try to break through the pack. Nevertheless, it’s a heated battle for supremacy.

What is Roller Derby?

According to Team USA Roller Derby, Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams on roller skates — on an oval track, in endurance matches called “jams” that can last up to 90 seconds each. Each team will have up to five players on the track, including four blockers and one Jammer. Teams will have one scoring player who will earn points by passing opposing players on the track.

Each team will attempt to assist their scorer in navigating the pack while simultaneously trying to prevent the opposing team from scoring. The team with the most points at the conclusion will be the winner.

And while the rules are what makes the sport of roller derby thrive on the main stage — the nail-biting sport is guided by the importance of teamwork and how to show good sportsmanship.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Derby girls will tell you how exciting and challenging the competitive sport of roller derby proves to be — but will also tell you while they hit each other hard — It’s all about sportsmanship and derby love.

Roller derby is an incredibly eclectic, diverse crowd of individuals and fans just celebrating skate culture and the communities served. At the end of it all, both teams come together as one.

The goal of Roller Derby is to provide a haven of athleticism, sportsmanship —and have fun. Freshmeat. Getting a goat. Hip whip. Teamwork. 


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