Motocross Champion Tanya Muzinda Creating Success On and Off the Track

Motocross Champion Tanya Muzinda Creating Success On and Off the Track

Photo Credit: Instagram @tanyamuzinda

Not your average teenager, Tanya Muzinda — is creating success for herself on and off the track. Muzinda is the 2021 winner of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Canada/USA Outstanding Achievement in Sports. Zimbabwe’s Motocross champion, Muzinda — is the oldest child of the Muzinda family. She is an Honorary Ambassador of the European Union to Zimbabwe for Youth, Gender, Sports, and Development.

The 16-year-old Zimbabwean female motocross rider, who relocated to Florida in 2019, recently took part in one of the most demanding amateur motocross series in the country. Muzinda claimed 1st place in both the Boy’s 125cc/SuperMini and the Girl’s class at the Bartow Championship Series.

Tanya Muzinda states, “Girls are creating a world relevant for them and future generations. Girls are breaking boundaries, tackling issues like child marriages, violence, climate change, education inequality, and unequal healthcare. Girls are proving to be unstoppable.”

Off the Track with Tanya Muzinda

Held on off-road circuits, Zimbabwe Motocross is a form of motorbike racing that is risky, costly, and requires a lot of training. But these challenges have not prevented Muzinda from competing in local and international tournaments.

“There have been many times I didn’t race for months because of financial difficulties. I thought of the children who also don’t have a chance to go to school because of money and decided to do something about it,” Muzinda stated.

Her most impressive feat off the track was witnessed when Muzinda used donations and Motocross prize money to assist children from more financially disadvantaged families, especially girls who are often kept home from school. “Most of the children I paid for are girls because when parents don’t have enough money to send their kids to school, they’d prefer to send the boy child,” Muzinda stated.

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