Master the Motocross Start Like a Queen! GFG How-to Series:

Master the Motocross Start Like a Queen! GFG How-to Series:

GoFastGirls How-to Series: Master the Motocross Start Like a Queen!

Hello, fierce females of the motocross world! Ready to conquer the track and leave the competition in your dust? Getting a powerful start is essential, and we're here to make sure you do it with style, grace, and strength. Ladies, start your engines, and let's dive into the art of taking off like a queen:

1. Bike Glam & Grit:

   - Tire Glam: It's not just about looking good; it's about performing at your best! Ensure your tire pressure matches the terrain. A little lower for softer terrains to grip and rip!

   - Suspension Sass: Tune that suspension to match the track diva that you are. When your bike feels good, you'll feel even better.

2. Own Your Throne:

   - Sitting Pretty: Slide forward, closer to your bike's gas tank. This not only gives you better control but also ensures the front wheel is grounded and grippy.

   - Feet First: Your boots should touch the ground for balance. As the gate drops, glide them onto the pegs, toes pointing inwards – we wouldn’t want any snags!

3. Throttle & Clutch Magic:

   - Throttle Flair: Gently roll it on as you release the clutch, ensuring your back wheel doesn't just spin out.

   - Clutch Control: Know your clutch's sweet spot. Holding it just right ensures a powerful yet smooth start, letting you lead with confidence.

4. Eyes on the Prize:

   - Whether you’re eyeing the gate or a mark just beyond, find your perfect focus point. Quick reactions are your best accessory for a stellar start.

5. Leg Power – Your Secret Weapon:

   - Flex your powerful legs and push off. Empower your bike to drive straight and true.

6. Shift Like a Boss:

   - With speed, it's time to shift those gears like the queen of the track that you are. Smooth transitions keep your momentum sassy and strong.

7. Lean & Slay:

   - Accelerate with elegance by staying low and leaning in. You've got this, and the track is yours to conquer.

8. First Turn Strategy:

   - Visualize your approach, and decide your path – inside, middle, or outside. Owning that first turn can set the stage for your race dominance.

9. Practice with Passion:

   - Queens don’t become great overnight. With every practice start, you're one step closer to perfection.

10. Empower Your Mindset:

   - Let those nerves transform into adrenaline. With a sprinkle of positivity and a dash of belief, visualize your success, and make it happen.

Remember, girls, while a fierce start is golden, motocross is a journey. Ride with heart, passion, and skill, and you'll always come out on top. Here's to strong women conquering the track. Ride on, GoFastGirls! 


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