Hurley Makes Big Splash Supporting Black Girls Surf

Hurley Makes Big Splash Supporting Black Girls Surf

Born from water, Hurley was founded in Huntington Beach in 1999 on the principle of empowering and fueling the voice of the next generation of wave-goers.

This year — Hurley announced its new multi-year global deal with Black Girls Surf, an organization that supports girls and women of color whose dreams and career goals are to compete in professional surfing.

In addition to having a solid roster of experienced surfers on the team, Black Girls Surf ensures athletes also receive an education through its sponsorship program. Women not only work towards their professional surf goals, but the female athletes are also emboldened through education — along the journey.

What is Black Girls Surf (BGS)?

Founded in 2014, Black Girls Surf (BGS) is the brainchild of USCG veteran Rhonda Harper. As a longtime surfer, Rhonda quickly noticed the lack of female prominence within professional surfing. She understood the need for coaches, mentors, and trainers of color — and built a much-needed program for surfers around the world.

Today, Black Girls Surf is an international non-profit organization that spans across multiple countries — providing valuable training experience, youth exchange opportunities, video production, educational development, casting opportunities, mentorship and coaching, surf therapy, and competition assistance.

Through fundraising efforts and unique partnership agreements, participants gain valuable training experience with world-class surfing professionals before competing on an international level.

Hurley Supports Black Girls Surf

Together, Hurley and BGS will participate in events, co-sponsor athletes and share the goal of reaching a wider female audience than before. Hurley, with a long-time commitment to inclusion, is excited to be partnering with such an incredible organization and amplify the movement lead by Black Girls Surf.

"Today, my vision came to fruition. It hasn't been an easy road but nothing great comes from things being easy. I want to thank Hurley for allowing Black Girls Surf to be the example for the next generation of young women surfers. I see us working together and accomplishing great things in the future. As I always say, if you can't see it, you can't be it."

"We are so excited to be able to partner with Rhonda and BGS! Her love for these young women, and vision for them to get to the world tour level is something we dearly want to be a part of, to help them to progress and achieve their dreams!" stated Brett Simpson, US Olympic Surf Coach and Sports Marketing Director and Team Manager at Hurley.

Here at GFG — we love, support, and welcome female athletes of all colors, race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. The GFG team loves seeing the commitment to inclusion and partnership by Hurley and BGS.


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