How to Buy the Perfect Side by Side UTV

How to Buy the Perfect Side by Side UTV

It’s an expanding market — for UTVs, also referred to as a side-by-side. While some use the UTV only for recreational purposes, others have turned UTVs into a professional racing career.

With the recent increased demand, manufacturers have expanded their capacity to keep providing more and more to the UTV market.

But with this increased range of options, it can be challenging to find the right UTV. To help facilitate the shopping of purchasing your first UTV, check out our Go Fast Girls (GFG) tips.  

Choosing the Perfect Side by Side UTV

Do Your Research. Deceptive sellers exist. Do your research and make phone calls before you take a detour through the selection process. Know what you are buying and its value.

Test Drive. Never rush the process of buying your first UTV. It is critical to take the UTV out for a test ride.

Explore the Driveline. UTV is designed to push the limits and withstand whatever is in its path. Each UTV is equipped with CV boots and axles that make up the driveline. Check for any noise coming from the driveline on your test drive.

Check the Checklist. No matter where you buy a UTV, be sure to inspect the UTV using the following checklist.

  • Check the oil levels
  • Check the gas tank
  • Check the frame

Purchasing you first UTV can be exciting — it may even feel like one of the best days of your life. But, before you get to enjoy all the highs of a UTV, go through the rigorous process of finding the right one that suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

Take it slow through the selection process. Acquire UTV. Explore GFG. Drive wild and free. Now your headed in the right direction.


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