How Motorsports are Slowly Changing for Women

How Motorsports are Slowly Changing for Women

In 2021, an increasing number of women are motivated to get started in motorsports. But it doesn’t come without hardship, challenges — and much criticism about women entering the sport.

And it’s not that male counterparts in motorsports aren't open to including women, it's that they don’t always know how to have conversations about equality because they rarely have existed inside the all-male garages. And that is why until most recently — women felt quite isolated — which reinforces a widespread notion that women shouldn’t be included.

Since motorsports have historically been a hetero-masculine environment, how do women find their place and feel comfortable on and off the track?

Dominating Motorsports

The first recorded race between motorized vehicles, an 1867 street race between steam carriages — took place three decades prior to the first known instance of women racing motor vehicles, when a group of Parisian women on motorized tricycles raced around a horse track.

To-date, women still find themselves the minority in current motorsports, but women make up a greater proportion of competitors than ever before. Some of the best female racecar drivers find themselves centerstage and as heroic as their male counterpart.

Regardless of the numbers in motorsports — it’s no secret that women can compete for the checkered flag just like men.

"You definitely have to work a little bit harder. It doesn’t matter if you are a driver, of if you are in PR, or if you are in a technical role. You definitely have to go the extra mile because it is largely a community of men,” stated one driver. "In racing, you learn by constant association with other racers, and trying out different things with your car and on the track. It is just much harder for a woman to closely bond and hang out with others if they are all guys."

GFG and the Mission

Go Fast Girls (GFG) is a brand that represents a ‘FAST' society of female racers, a lifestyle driven by swiftness and high-speeds, and the chase to INSPIRE girls and women alike to overcome the norm — go faster and push the boundaries of motorsports and action sports.

The GFG team wants women to succeed in motorsports — and created a platform to make them better. GFG realized the need for girls and women's motorsports apparel — that was not only geared for speed queens — but standing out from the crowd. In fact, the relentless pursuit to provide the top racing apparel combined with a fast and fearless community — has pushed many female racers to the next level.

Girls are showing up with the grit and desire to compete, with the willingness to persevere through the challenges of failure, focus and commitment — and GFG has their back. GFG isn't just about motorsports it's about motorsports, action sports — and all sports. If someone has the desire to compete in their sport, go for the gold no matter what sport it is and push yourself to be the best!


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