GoFastGirls “How to Series”: Becoming a Female Race Car Driver

GoFastGirls “How to Series”: Becoming a Female Race Car Driver

Breaking into the world of motorsports can seem like an uphill climb, especially for aspiring female racers. But with the right preparation, dedication, and determination, you can certainly find your place on the track. This blog is designed to guide you on your journey to becoming a professional race car driver, regardless of your age or experience level.

Step 1: Start Young (Age 5-10)

Nurture the Passion:

Young children often have a natural curiosity and love for cars. Encourage this curiosity. Watch car races together, read books about cars, play with race car toys. As your child's passion for cars grows, foster it with active participation.

Begin with Karting:

The first real hands-on experience with racing is often go-karting. Karting is an affordable and accessible way to get young kids involved in racing, teaching them the basics of handling a vehicle, understanding speed, and learning the rules of the track.

Step 2: Formal Training (Age 10-15)

Attend a Racing School:

There are various schools and academies specifically designed for young drivers that aim to teach the basics of vehicle dynamics and racing techniques. These schools also provide the opportunity to practice on a real track.

Participate in Local Karting Competitions:

Competing helps to improve skills, build resilience, and gain experience. It also introduces young drivers to the thrill of the competition, the importance of teamwork, and the value of sportsmanship.

Step 3: Advanced Training (Age 15-18)

Advanced Driving School:

At this stage, drivers should consider advanced racing schools that offer training in higher-powered vehicles. This will further develop skills and understanding of complex techniques.

Get a Racing License:

Most motor sports organizations require drivers to have a racing license. The process usually involves a driving test and a written exam about racing rules and safety procedures.

Step 4: Gaining Experience (Age 18-21)

Start Racing:

With a racing license, you can participate in amateur races. This will give you the experience of competitive driving in a regulated setting and expose you to the realities of race day.

Seek Mentorship:

A mentor can guide you, providing valuable advice and insights from their experiences. They can also provide networking opportunities and access to further resources.

Step 5: Going Pro (21+)

Join a Team or Start Your Own:

Most professional drivers begin their careers by joining a racing team. Alternatively, with enough resources, you can start your own.

Gain Sponsorship:

At this stage, you should start to attract sponsors. Sponsorship is a key aspect of professional racing, providing the necessary funding to maintain a vehicle, travel, and cover other expenses.

Compete in Professional Races:

Begin participating in professional racing events. Start with smaller regional races and gradually work your way up to national and international competitions.


Your journey to becoming a professional race car driver will be filled with challenges, but it will also bring immeasurable excitement, learning, and fulfillment. Embrace the process, never stop learning, and always strive for improvement. It's not just about speed—it's about strategy, endurance, and your constant evolution as a driver.

At GoFastGirls, we are here to support and encourage you on your path to professional racing. So buckle up and let's hit the track! The world of racing awaits you.


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