GFG Visits Orphanage in MX Baja to Give Rides and Merch to Kids

GFG Visits Orphanage in MX Baja to Give Rides and Merch to Kids

If you are anywhere near the world of women’s motorsports, you’ve probably seen or heard of Go Fast Girls (GFG).

GFG is an apparel brand that signifies a 'FAST' society of female racers, a lifestyle driven by swiftness and high-speeds — and the rush to empower girls and women alike to go faster and push the boundaries of motorsports and action sports.

“We created Go Fast Girls (GFG) because ever since we had our three daughters, we have been known in the community to be a family that likes to go fast — whether it was going to the desert or riding at the track. Whenever we would go out to buy the girl's gear and whatnot, we noticed there was never a good enough selection for girl's or women's apparel, and we noticed the blatant lack of female recognition in the sport(s). So, we decided if we couldn't find anything to cater to our wants and needs as a family, we would create something ourselves,” stated GFG Founders, Bear and Kristen Scharbarth.

GFG – Giving Back to the Kids

The team at GFG recently traveled to an orphanage in Baja, Mexico and delivered donations to the orphans — who call the sanctuary home.

Children at the orphanage received donations of GFG merch that were delivered in large boxes.

“Our trip to the orphanage in Baja, MX was an experience we will never forget.
Passing out GFG merch to all the kids, spending time and just hanging, warmed our hearts, healed our souls and brought gratitude to us all. We are truly thankful for the experience,” stated GFG Founder Kristen Scharbarth. "We also have to give a huge shoutout to Wayne and Kristen Matlock at Matlock Racing for organizing the event. They truly love giving back to Baja! Without them, this event would have never happened."

During the visit, no words or translations were needed to know how grateful the children were for GFG’s visit. The opportunity alone to have visitors made a huge impact on the children — as well as those who serve them every day.

Founders Favorites: GFG

GFG Founders — Bear and Kristen Scharbarth — not only love creating the merch but have a few favorites of their own. Both enjoy all the animal print styles personally, but their own girls love the whole checkerboard style.

Bear recently stated, “We like them all, honestly, but we think our original logo tee has to be our favorite just because it truly was the design that got our company to where it is today. We must pay homage to the OG. We have lots of exciting plans for 2021 with where we want to take our company, but also, we greatly appreciate customer feedback because, ultimately, we want to cater to everyone's wants and needs.”


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