Female BMX Racing Contenders to Watch at Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Female BMX Racing Contenders to Watch at Tokyo 2021 Olympics

BMX racing will undoubtedly be one of the most exhilarating sports to watch at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in 2021.

Freestyle. Alligator pits. Barspins. Female riders love the risk — the ride or die moments of BMX racing.

BMX got its first start somewhere between the 60s and 70s in Southern California. And while no two tracks are identical — riders make their way across the track with one single gear. Riders launch themselves from a gate atop a 35-degree start hill, battling it out along the course.

No motor — no problem. Shred on. With just over six months until the Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to begin, let’s take a closer look at BMX racing.

Top Female Contenders in Tokyo 2021 BMX Racing

At the Tokyo 2020 Games taking place in 2021, the top BMX racing competitors come from traditional European cycling countries, such as the Netherlands and France, as well as the USA, Australia, and Colombia. There will be 24 competitors in the women’s events. 

In the women's competition, Mariana Pajon will be chasing her third consecutive Olympic title. The 'Queen of BMX' returned from a serious knee injury in 2019 to clinch her second Pan American gold medal in Lima.

The US has at least four women with gold-medal potential — two-time BMX freestyle world champion Hannah Roberts, 2016 BMX racing silver medalist Alise Willoughby, 2018 mountain bike world champion Kate Courtney, and road/track dual threat Chloe Dygert.

When Does Competition Take Place at the Olympics in Tokyo? 

Competition takes July 29-30, 2021

Thu 29 July 2021, 10:00 - 12:00

  • Men's and Women's Quarterfinals

Fri 30 July 2021, 10:00 - 12:20

  • Men's and Women's Semifinals
  • Men's and Women's Final

All times are Japan Standard Time (UTC +9 hours)



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