Female BMX Racer Abygale Reeve Claims 10th Consecutive Alberta Title

Female BMX Racer Abygale Reeve Claims 10th Consecutive Alberta Title

Competing against some of the best BMX racers in the world, female BMX racer Abygale Reeve capped off her 2022 season in a way she has become accustomed to over the last decade — by winning another title. 

Reeve secured her 10th consecutive provincial championship in September, during the 2022 Alberta BMX provincial championships in Stony Plain. Remarkably, she has won the provincial title for her age group in every year she's competed in the sport.

“Every race is a new race, and I just went all effort and was fortunate to grab the 10th one,” Reeve stated. “I’m excited because 10 is a lot. I’ve won it every year since I started, so that’s a huge thing for me.”

It’s been a whirlwind 2022 season for the BMX racer. After successfully making Canada's national BMX team in the spring, Reeve had the opportunity to race twice in Europe this year, including at the European championships in Netherlands in May and June, and the BMX world championships in France in July and August.

Words from a Champion

“I got to experience what it’s like to race against world class girls, and it was a very good trip for experience,” Reeve stated. “From there, I got to ride for Team Canada at the worlds in Nantes, France, against girls my age and that was another good experience.

“The girls in Europe and at the world stage are very fast, so [the goal was] learning how they ride and how I can improve, so the next time I go to the world stage, I can compete with them. I think that was the main thing – getting that experience, training with the best athletes in the world.”

Preparing for 2023

While she’s been homeschooling for the past two years to accommodate her burgeoning BMX career, Reeve said she’ll be back at Bert Church High School for her senior year this fall. She added that after two years of constant movement, the sense of normalcy has been positive.

“Sometimes it’s a bit strange because I’ve gone from online school, independence and constant training to a schedule and responsibility for attending school,” Reeves stated. “It’s good for me because I needed some normalcy in my life. It will benefit me.”

The 16-year-old added that her off-season priorities are to improve her strength and conditioning so she will be at her best for next spring’s 2023 season.


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