Featured Racer: Race Like You Never Lost with Top Female BMX Racer Ellie Brent

Featured Racer: Race Like You Never Lost with Top Female BMX Racer Ellie Brent

Top female BMX rider Ellie Brent knows a thing or two about winning BMX races. Ellie has been named the top female rider for several years in a row. After impressive victories for her age category earlier this year, Ellie Brent is proving her worth.

BMX showcases riders tested on dirt tracks with rollers, jumps, and turns to challenge their skills. It requires meticulous calculation and training, precise and powerful execution — and Ellie has it all. She is part of the next generation of female BMX riders that is looking to win big. We recently sat down for an interview with BMX’s rising star.

How did you get started in BMX racing?

I got started in the sport after I saw my older brother doing it. Before then, I had always been involved in gymnastics, but decided to quit that and do BMX instead because I thought it looked super cool!

What’s your favorite track?

My favorite track would either be Circle City BMX in Dothan, Alabama or Music City BMX in Nashville, Tennessee. Both tracks have awesome facilities.

Do you have any superstitions?

Not necessarily any superstitions, but I always do me and my dad’s handshake before each race. More of like a ritual!

Do you have any advice to females looking to get into BMX racing?

I would tell them that they should go for it! It may be a little scary or overwhelming at first, but the people and environment are awesome! You learn lots of lessons and get to experience lots of things and cool places you wouldn’t normally be able to.

What’s your favorite GFG racing apparel?

My favorite GFG apparel would have to be the beanie. It’s super comfortable and cute for the colder months!

What’s your top racing accomplishment?

My biggest racing accomplishments are probably winning some nationals and qualifying to represent Team USA for the UCI world championships.

What do you like to do when you are not racing BMX?

I also race XC MTB, so I enjoy both racing and just riding trails for fun. I also enjoy just spending time with friends and family!

What’s your favorite quote and why?

My favorite quote would probably have to be “Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt” because I tend to overthink before I race. So, making sure that I give myself enough credit seems to help!

Want to learn more about Ellie, see racing photos, and connect on IG — race over to Ellie's GFG ambassador profile.


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