5 Tips to Start Your Jet Ski Racing Career

5 Tips to Start Your Jet Ski Racing Career

The generosity and passion of female jet ski racers has advanced the sport greatly. Just one more reason why you can never underestimate a girl. The top women of the watercraft industry are hard-working, hard-charging ladies — who exemplify everything a professional should be.

Racing jet ski’s is one of the most exhilarating, action-packed sporting events to-date. Commitment. Speed. Passion. All things disappear. Adrenaline kicks in — shattering records along the way.

The bottom-line is if you enjoy the rush of going fast on the water, it’s time to compete But, what tools do you need to get started? Go Fast Girls (GFG) has the tools you need to thrash each buoy in your way.

Getting Started: Jet Ski Racing

Protect Your Head: Helmet

Helmets are, of course, required by all sanctioning PWC racing associations. If you are new to the game, watercraft racing is full throttle ahead, which mean you need to protect your head.  Safety first!

Protect Your Eyes: Goggles

Do not leave home without your goggles. If you started out recreational jet skiing and having fun, we understand the lack of desire for eye protection. But if you want to have a career racing on the water, racing alongside your fiercest competition, you must wear goggles.  Not only will they help you see the course, you’ll definitely need them for that mad spray and splash from the rider in front of you. And yes, even in first place — you’ll want to have on those goggles.

Protect Your Body: Life Vest

Buckle up that vest! It’s required. No life vest. No racing. Make sure you take the time to get fitted for the proper one. You don’t want a life vest that is uncomfortable or irritating during your race. Give it the tug test, if you can’t pull it over your head, it’s a winner.

Manage the Waves: Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve checked off the safety-first list. Now it’s go-time. Let’s march on water. Check out a class for beginners to get started. Learn the rules. Learn the ins and out. Practice makes perfect. Practice until you feel the roar in your pace. Don’t let up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and get to know other racers — you never know who might be helping you out in the future.

Racing for Championships

It’s time to start the first chapter of your racing career. Choose a race and sign-up. Be sure to evaluate the race site and the nearby area. Follow the race guidelines and rules. And be sure to get involved with the race community. The moment is finally here. Adrenaline rushing. Starting line. Look left. Look right. Now blow away the competition. Go Fast Girls.


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