Riley Temple

“I may not be the strongest I may not be the fastest but I be damned, if I not trying my hardest.”


I am 10 years old, female, Grade: 5th Chandler Traditional Academy My name is Riley Temple. "Auxier Avators", I have a personal trainer at gym I go to weekly. I have motocross training once a week at track if not racing.


Arizona cycle park (October 2016) 1st Place
Mc Motorsports (November 2016) 2nd Place
Arizona Cycle Park (December 2016) 2nd Place
Motoland mx park (january 2017) 1st place
Arizona cycle park (February 2017) 1st place
Motoland Mx Park (February 2017) 1st place
Mc Motorsports Park (March 2017 1st place
AVDRA Championship (2016/2017) 1st overall series of 12 races
AVDRA championship (2017/2018).
1st overall series of 12 races
Smx series (2018) 3rd overall in series
Smx series advance class 2019 4th overall
San Diego supercross ktm 50 race 2019. 4th place
AVDRA championship (2018/2019). 1st overall
AVDRA national championship 2019. 1st overall
Mini majors 2019 65 cc open girls 3rd overall
Smx series 65cc. 2nd overall
AVDRA 2019/2020 championship 65 class. 1st overall
Smx2020 series 1st overall
Swapmoto 8/30 65cc 1st place
Mini majors 2020 65cc girls open. 2nd place overall
2020Women’s inventional championship mini class. 2nd place overall
2021 women’s international mini class champion

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