Nicki Grote

"To show kids that a female can do anything they want as long as they put their mind to it."


Hello y’all, my name is Nicole or Nicki for short, I’m based out of Surprise Arizona and I’m 21 years old. 

I started racing go karts back in 2010 but I quit when my best friend got killed doing it, but recently decided to get back behind the wheel.  I drive an INEX Legend car on asphalt and I’m currently in the Semi-Pro division. I drive a ’34 ford coupe and in my first season I’ve raced at Tucson Speedway, Colorado National Speedway, and the Las Vegas Bullring. I received the Arizona rookie of the year award as well as 4th in overall points as Tucson Speedway which is considered my home track. Overall, I’ve received multiple top 3 finishes at Tucson speedway, a couple top 10 finishes at Colorado national speedway as the car counts are much larger and range from anywhere from 30-40 legend cars per night and a couple top 10 finishes at the Las Vegas Bullring as well. 

My racing goal is not only to get a championship and a couple wins at certain tracks but to also make a difference in the sport, unlike my sister was able to. To show kids that a female can do anything they want as long as they put their mind to it. Even though I’m a race car driver I’m also a special events and sports photographer, when I’m not on the track making laps I’m on the side lines making memories, capturing those wins that people will remember and have something to look back on to insure of just a trophy or a plaque on a wall. 

When I’m not at the track or in the garage I’m a full-time college student studying sports journalism and I’m originally from Colorado but moved to Arizona when I lost my older sister to a freak accident as I’m trying to live on her racing career.

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