Lucy Jarrard

"I can do all things though Christ who strenghtens me" Philippians 4:13


Lucy Jarrard is a 19 year old surfer from Carlsbad, California. At the age of 16 her and her family relocated to the West Side of Oahu, Hawaii, in order to train and charge surf.

Originally from Carlsbad, California, Jarrard grew up in an ocean-loving family, so it was only natural that she continued her family's legacy and fell in love with the ocean too. Surfing has become her passion and when she is in the water, that is when she feels most at home.

She explained that the ocean to her signifies “A safe place that always brings me stoke ''. Which then led her to talk about how “The good thing about surfing is that now matter how bad you are feeling, it only takes one good wave to put a smile on your face and it is the best feeling in the world”. Lucy intends to share her love for the ocean with the whole world, and asks us to follow her through her special yet exciting adventure.

Lucy Jarrard is the first female surfer to represent American Sāmoa in the International Surfing Association (ISA). As well as the first woman to represent her country at this high of a caliber. This May she will be surfing in an Olympic Qualifier that can make her eligible for the

Olympics taking place in Tokyo 2021. With promising results, she will solidify a spot for the 2021 Olympic Games. Therefore, one can only imagine how great of an opportunity this is for Jarrard, as well as her country as a whole. “I am so excited to have this opportunity, I really want to make American Sāmoa proud and show people first hand that dreams do come true”

Jarrard stated. Her roots stay planted in American Sāmoa, a small territory in the South Pacific. Better yet, America Samoa has formed an Olympic Surf Team, which is now recognized as a country by the International Surfing Association (ISA). She is a proud American Sāmoan woman and wants to represent the Polynesian community to the best of her ability and showcase her Polynesian pride everywhere she goes. “I give it 100% everyday, and I push myself to go where I want to be”. With a positive mind, and a strong work ethic, it looks as if there is not anything that can keep this surfer from charging.

The first event she will be competing in will take place in May 2021 in Surf City, El Salvador. This event is an Olympic Qualifier, and it will include the four main regions; Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. But with her extensive training and positive mindset, Lucy is more than prepared for what is to come.

With this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she is seeking donations in order to make her dreams come true. As well as to do something extraordinary and historical for American Sāmoa. She is eternally grateful for the support of her family, friends, and community. Lucy is extremely thrilled to share her story with everyone, but in order to get her where she needs to be, she needs the widespread support of everyone who is rooting for her.

This is only the beginning of Lucy’s journey. After El Salvador, Lucy then plans on competing in the Worlds Qualifying Series, which then will qualify her for the World Championship Tour of Surfing. She will eventually do a series of events through there. Where she will represent her Island American Sāmoa. She will continue to make the most with her opportunities and plans to go for gold.

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