Landry Singleton

“In racing, I wanted to be a winner, and to be a winner you have to be willing to roll the dice”-Bobby Rahal


I am Landry Singleton and I am 15 years old. I started racing in 2021 in a Junior wing kart and got the hang out it fast so we finished out the year with a win, multiple top 5’s, and multiple top 10’s. We faced the challenge of deciding what I was gonna race next it was between a 250 wing kart or a micro and we went with the micro! In 2022 we started micro racing and it was definitely a challenge but super fun, our season wasn’t the greatest but learned a lot, at the end of the season we decided to get a new motor and a new car to put it in, I got 3rd in points at Mississippi Thunder in Fountain City, WI so that was exciting even though we didn’t have the greatest season! Our 2023 season has now started and the new motor and new car are so fast and me the driver is getting used to the car and getting used to what the car needs. I can’t wait to get on with the season and get faster every race!

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