Kenedi and Bobbi Jernigan

"Races are won at the shop, celebrated at the track."

Our family has always enjoyed watching local short track racing but wanted to be more involved. We looked for opportunities for our small family business to provide sponsorship. We never imagined how loyal racing fans were to businesses and brands they seen every week. The racing community and its fans quickly become our biggest customer base.

My wife and daughter quickly had the racing bug and started looking into becoming drivers. They were faced with adversity and told that women typically do not do well in racing. It is fast, dangerous and requires a lot of hard work. The negative feedback only made us more determined to succeed.

Having the help from teams we had aligned our company with taught us a lot of fundamental lessons for success in racing. If you want to be successful in racing, then it starts with a solid program and great partnerships. Races are won in the garage and celebrated at the track.

Through long hours and hard work we put together several impressive wins including winning at the Owosso Fall Nationals where cars come from all over the United States. We are very proud to have faced the challenges in racing and proving that women can be competitive in motorsports.

2021 Season

Owosso speedway is a 3/8 mile progressively banked paved track that produces high energy side by side racing drawing crowds of over 3500 every week from April till October. Known as one of Michigan’s most competitive tracks, it has developed a reputation of being hard to win at. Drivers often say if you get a win at Owosso then you have accomplished something. Drivers of Owosso speedway such as Brad Keselowski and Erik Jones have gone on to compete at the highest level of racing NASCAR.

We worked very hard for the success we had last season and plan to build on that success and compete for the 2021 championship title. We have made substantial investments to ensure we have the proper tools, equipment and replacement parts needed to be competitive. It is very important for us as a team to ensure our equipment looks presentable, functions correctly, and makes every race.

Competing for wins is important for us, however it is equally important to us to help others and to be a representative of the sport.

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