Annalesia Miller

“failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” -Henry Ford


I’m Annalesia Miller, I was born in phx arizona January 28 ‘09. I’ve been into racing for as long as i could remember, from scraping mud off my cousins sprint car to starting photography and helping around at our home track in arizona. I’ve always wanted to race but my dad raced ,so we never had the time or money to put me in a car. My dad, grandpa and “basically” uncle took over adobe mountain speedway june 2019 up until about july 2022 . I spent almost every weekend pumping fuel and helping in anyway i could. Shortly after a close friend of mine let me borrow her camera, i fell in love. i had so much fun learning different angles and editing tricks and will always have some love for photography. Then i got the opportunity to try out Flattrack motorcycles in 2021. i had fun racing with friends and getting faster bikes but it never really gave me the adrenaline rush i get in micros. In july 2022 my parents decided to move to Claremore Oklahoma. We still had my dads car so we decided to put my seat in it. This year is my first Season in micros . We are planning on mainly running port city raceway and will hopefully be traveling the next couple of years. My goals for this year is to run to consistently and keep making the A mains on big shows and get as many laps under my belt as i can.

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