Ambria Hunter

"The winner isn’t the one with the fastest car it’s the one that refuses to lose. -Dale Earnhardt Jr"


Hello, my name is Ambria Hunter. I am from Alma, Arkansas. When I am not racing I dance for the Alma Dance team. I am going on my 3rd year of racing go karts. I come from a 4th generation dirt track racing family. I have loved racing since I was born. Knew I always wanted to race when I was younger. I first started when I was 12 years old. From there I have grown to love the sport more and more. Over the summer I was able to win the championship at 3D Speedway. And raced some at Coody Creek Speedway with 7 wins, 6-2nd place finishes and 5-3rd place finishes. We are looking to go into our 3rd year of racing and trying to get another Championship win and to race more indoor series with the new QRC cage kart and my Ultramax flat kart. My sponsors this year are United Tree Service, Fleming Electric, Design One, M&M Painting, FervoGear LLC, Hunter Motorsports, and Go Fast Girls.

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