Addisyn Roger

"Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat"


My name is Addisyn Roger and I am 8 yrs old. I started dirt track racing in 2018 and I race both Flat karts and Champ karts. In my two race seasons I have raced 32 Features and took first in 9 of them with 19 podium finishes.

I race all over New York at several tracks:
Lebanon Valley Kart track
Turkey Trot Raceway
Dodge City Speedway

This season was a bit wonky due to Covid but we did our best to hit a track whenever we could.  Our 2021 season will see us traveling south to race a couple series, as well as hitting our home tracks when they are open to hit the dirt. I will also be getting a lot of practice laps in on my private practice track.
"Wild Child Speedway"

My hobbies include, racing, racing, and well....Racing. 🤣 I also love to paint, sing, dance, and eat cheeseburgers! I am homeschooled so I have the freedom to travel to races and practice when I need to.

I am a happy go lucky little girl with a big personality who also looks for the positive in any situation. But most importantly, I am a go getter. I set goals and I make them happen!

I don't have any official tag lines yet but my team and I always say "Pass em and lap em".

I'm sure there will be tons more.

I also LOVE listening to Ryan Upchurch before my races to pump me up!

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