Abby Hall

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Hi my name's Abby Hall, owner/driver of Storm Rider. I'm from New Zealand and am a part of the Manawatu Power Boat Club. I've been around powerboat racing my whole life and I always knew I would race one day. I've been racing for 4 sessions now 3 years in juniors and now in clubmans and formula 3 tunnels  and I love it, I am a part of the New Zealand Powerboat Association as the North Island youth executive working with the South Island youth executive and the rest of the executive team trying to make our sport a fun and accessible sport for everyone. This sport has taken me all over the world, I had the opportunity to represent my own country in Fujairah UAE at a course called Prop Stars for training the youth and whoever wants to start racing, I occasionally go over to America and help work on the H1 Unlimited Boats. I love the concept of Go Fast Girls and I love representing it over in New Zealand. 

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