Hold it Wide Socks

Hold it Wide Socks

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Rock these at the track or at the gym. Wear them with a set of old school Vans or pull them up over your legging's with a set of Uggs or strap them on with your riding boots. Built for comfort and performance!

Approximate Size Range:  

Kids                     6 - 12  Years

Standard           Woman   8.5 -  Plus   /   Men   7 - 13


Product Technology: 

Moisture Wick Fabric 

Odor Blocker Fibers 

Ultra Breathable 

Double Padded Heel 

Reinforced Elastic 

Quick Dry Acrylic 

Machine Washable, Hang to Dry

Contents: 80% Acrylic 12% Nylon 5% Spandex 3% Elastic