Cadence Cowan

Cadence is 14 yrs old , she currently lives in Hesperia CA , The 2020 season will be her 4th year of racing , this year she will be focusing on racing her Polaris RS1 in the WORCS series as well as select dirt / SXS Regionals and UTV Worlds.

Last year cadence raced 2 cars a couple 900 and the RS1 in 4 series bringing home 7 championships and 2nd in two others. The previous year was her first year transitioning from a 170 to a 900 a huge jump but she did amazing winning the UTV Worlds and also two other Championships.

Cadence spends most of her time working on her car performing all maintenance and service also is required to get A’s and B’s to continue racing and knows a good education is very important. She definitely enjoys a day off at an amusement park , Glamis and the river or just hanging out with friends.

Our favorite quote is “hold it wide let it slide “